Gear Chains

Gear refers to a mechanical element with gears on the rim that continuously meshes to transmit movement and power.The structure of the chain consists of inner chain links and outer chain links.


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Gear Drive, gear chain

Gear transmission refers to a device that transmits motion and power by a gear pair. It is the most widely used mechanical transmission method in various modern equipment. Its transmission is relatively accurate, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable work and long life.

Chain classification

Short pitch roller chain for transmission, double pitch roller chain for transmission, bushing chain for transmission, curved plate roller chain for heavy-duty transmission, toothed chain for transmission, continuously variable speed chain, long pitch conveyor chain , Short pitch roller conveyor chain, double pitch roller conveyor chain, double-speed conveyor chain, plate chain.

Three chain types

All chains made of carbon steel materials can be surface treated. The surface of the parts is nickel-plated, zinc-plated or chrome-plated. It can be used in outdoor rain erosion and other occasions, but it cannot prevent the corrosion of strong chemical liquids.

Chain limitation

As a common transmission device, the chain is designed with a hyperbolic arc to reduce friction. It is used in places where the power is relatively large and the running speed is relatively slow. It has obvious advantages over belt transmission, such as tanks. , Pneumatic compressor, etc., but the transmission speed can not be too fast, because the flexibility of the chain is not as good as the belt transmission.

Agricultural Machinery Chain

Suitable for field machinery such as walking tractors, threshers, combine harvesters, etc. This kind of chain requires low cost but can withstand impact and wear resistance. In addition, the chain should be greased or automatically lubricated.

High-strength chain

It is a special roller chain. By improving the shape of the chain plate, thickening the chain plate, fine-blanking the chain plate hole, and heat treatment strengthening of the pin, it can increase the tensile strength by 15-30%, and has good impact and fatigue properties.

Gear transmission characteristics

Among various transmission forms, gear transmission is the most widely used in modern machinery. This is because gear transmission has the following characteristics: 1. High transmission accuracy. 2. Wide application range. 3. It can realize the transmission between any two shafts in parallel shaft, intersecting shaft, staggered shaft and other spaces. 4. Reliable work and long service life. 5. The transmission efficiency is relatively high, generally 0.94 to 0.99. 6. The manufacturing and installation requirements are relatively high, so the cost is also relatively high. 7. Strict requirements on environmental conditions. 8. It is not suitable for transmission between two shafts that are far apart. 9. Vibration damping and impact resistance are not as good as belt drives and other flexible drives.

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